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  By Now, Everyone knows that I am not the best typist- but I do edit and therefore expect my final copy to be exact! so OOPS on pressing the send button and hope you all caught the earlier typo in the Heading-
Remember please that mechanics, the spelling and grammar portion of an essay score do count, but it is CONTENT that your teachers are looking for.  Go easy on yourselves, and know when to say DONE! Then, hand it in. 

Congratulations to students and their parents!

    First semester for 2009-2010 almost done!  A new school year always brings with it change and I admit for me, the fall tends to have the true New Situations feel to it- Having said that, An Official New Year means more opportunity to learn and grow.  TOgether Academics is growing thanks to student input and I am proud of each of you for the hard work and diligence you have exhibited. 
    Holidays are a great opportunity to catch up on free style writing, journals, notes to friends and or relatives you haven’t seen or connected with for a while.   Remember to stay warm, physically as winter approaches, and figuratively, in your writing. 
     As always,
   Wishing YOU the best of the season,