Growing into 2010!



      Regardless of one’s personal religious or ethnic background there is an awareness when getting used to writing the new numeric year, 2010, that a brand new decade is starting.  As an educator I am all about growth, change and embracing new ideas while maintaining a groundedness in the past and having a respect for history.  So I am welcoming 2010, even if only as a symbol of change.  For me the fall, and September with the beginning of formal school coursework, continues to suggest one type of new year, with the December 31st challenge reminiscent of all the years spent wondering at the magnitude of public celebrations and the novelty attending these very public affairs does bring.   So, whether you spent the evening curled up on a couch watching the ball drop in Manhattan, or braved the cold and joined revelers at Nathan Phillips Square or attended a private get- together, I hope you found the evening to be a chance to plan on participating in what you enjoy this year.  May 2010 be a year of active involvement and a time for you to challenge yourself and make yourself visible.  Wishing everyone what ever each of you is truly wishing for…

     All the best,

       as always,






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