Why I love the Olympics!


       Now anyone who knows me well can tell you I’m a great spectator if not the most coordinated when it comes to playing sports.  That is one of the reasons it is such a treat to be able to watch beauty in motion as the top athletes from around the world gather to compete and demonstrate their passion to all.  And not everyone performs perfectly. Sometimes it is heartbreaking to think of the hours that go into preparation and how one slip can be the end of a dream- or not- watching the recent downhill mogul skiers, male and female, I was reminded again of what it takes to be a true star.  When an athlete falls off course, rights herself, pauses to recollect, and then in a burst of positive energy offers the cheering crowd a spectacular finish each of us watching can learn from the determination, commitment and honour to their supporters that those who finish in spite of the mistake show.  And so one is reminded about control and practice, commitment and passion, and doing one’s best regardless of the circumstances.  Kudos of course to the winner of the first Gold for Canada, but Kudos as well to the ones who got up and finished the course (whichever event), reminding all of us at home why we watch- to see individuals striving for perfection, coached, encouraged, and ready to share just how amazing the human spirit can be.  For me anyhow, it is a lot more than hockey, it is determination, strength and perseverance.   At least that’s what I believe…


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