Modeling versus plagarising

Quotation of the Day: "The diagram-based analysis of sentences that Higher Lessons originated was the essential grammar pedagogy from 1880 through 1970. It was critiqued around the beginning of the century by several theorists, most notably Gertrude Buck, for its mechanical and linear nature . . . . Despite the criticism leveled at it, however, no system was put forward to supplant the Reed and Kellogg-based ‘sentence study’ method." Robert J. Connors, "Grammar in American College Composition: An Historical Overview," in The Territory of Language 3, 6 (Donald A. McQuade ed., 1986).
———————————— In simple English this means taking a solid sentence and changing a word within the sentence to learn sentence structure:
  Sample sentence:    The boy in the red shirt threw the green ball over the fence. 
   adjective changes- The boy in the green shirt threw the orange ball over the fence
   add an adjective  – The boy in the spotted green shirt threw the striped orange ball over the wooden fence. 
Change the noun:    The girl in the spotted green shirt threw the striped orange ball over the wooden fence.
Changed the verb:    The girl in the spotted green shirt tossed the striped orange ball over the wooden fence. 
When this challenge of copying a pattern is moved to copying the pattern within a paragraph it remains an exercise in learning how to write-
but when the notes a student takes are inserted into an essay without them being absorbed by the student to further a student’s thesis or topic the question of plagarism arises.  When taking notes, be careful to not only recognize the source, but also to put quotation marks around any material you lift directly- this way when you go to do your formal paper you will recall what were notes in synopsis form and which notes were actual quotes.  Your paper is not only an example of what you have read, but also an example of how you are interpreting the readings.  Think of writing as a chance to share what you are learning and focus on content – then mechanics will come. 
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