Another way to reach me; testing season is upon us…


Exams, essays, summatives, standardized testing, all have one thing in common,  pressure to perform in an accepted fashion.   And the students who do best on tests know the secret- preparation plus accepting the challenge-

Testing is a chance to show what you know, an opportunity to say “I have done the work, and I am prepared.”  When students leave an exam and declare it was “easy” what they are really stating is that they knew the work and understood the questioning process.  I tend to over prepare my students, and do practice timed testing.  

What happens though when a student who has prepared simply can not stomach the exam process?  Parents then need to get involved, and speak with a school guidance and or administration department and determine if there is an alternative way for the student to gain a credit.  PLAR- Prior Learning Assessment may involve having a student prepare a portfolio to demonstrate having covered all aspects of the course.   Even at University there are options, and no student should feel a single test will determine the future. 

I think all the talk about standardized tests and what they don’t measure has merit; the standardized tests do tend to evaluate only specific styles of learning as questions have to be formatted in a particular fashion. But, standardized tests do allow for insight into a learner’s knowledge base and if approached gently and seen as part of the learning process they needn’t be feared.  I know you have heard this before – but try not to cram and sleep the night before.

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