April and Attitudes

     Yesterday,  I arrived to pick up a vehicle at the designated spot only to find my car rental not there!  Now I, like most people, operate with deadlines, and while I will give myself ample time and have a contingency plan, I counted on the booking.  Nearly fifty minutes late, the user of the vehicle pulled into the car rental spot with neither a sorry nor an attempt at making amends.  She exited the car and seemed to think that since she was willing to pay extra for the late return no one had been inconvenienced.  But I had an appointment for 7 o’clock and just squeaked in at 7:02.  It wasn’t the cost of the hour- it was the very real inconvenience of standing waiting for a vehicle and the knowledge that two other vehicles were on the lot- this particular car company operates on an honour system, and also states that dogs or other pets are to be kept in a container- the driver’s dog was loose in the back.  Now this is the second time I have gone to pick up a car and the vehicle has been in use- the first time I had a fifteen minute wait and that driver apologized stating traffic- understood- Yesterday however the driver’s indifference registered and I wondered if I was being foolish to be a member of a driving club where the honour system falls short- one bad apple?  maybe? or representative of how little respect people demonstrate to the idea of an honour system and a sharing system.  

     Sometimes it is not about money.  The car company did reduce the lease by the hour – I would rather have had the vehicle for the appointed time.  And it would have made a huge difference if the driver had simply apologized and hastened her exit from the car.   While I will patiently wait and watch molasses pour, waiting for someone already almost an hour late to exit a space is simply watching rudeness.  And her dog didn’t want to leave at all. 

Attitude.  One of the things students are instructed to watch for when analysing poetry or prose.  This being April and national poetry month, I offer up the following:

 A little bit of thought

Proves it was a mistake

Recognize the wrong in a simple gesture by

Initiating an apology-and…

Leave the vehicle by the roadside- not the person.

Attitude.  One of the things students are instructed to watch for.    

This being April and National Poetry Month.  Pay it forward when possible.

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