Essay Writing Explained

Essay writing explained-

  No it is not simple- in fact essay writing requires rewriting/revising at least once- groan… I can hear you, but really rewriting is as much a part of the process as is the initial brainstorming.  

A trivia point – J.R.R. Tolkien, author of Lord of the Rings took years (15- I was told) to write his famous trilogy.  Most of us though need to begin- write- revise -and hand in- a report in much less time.  How then to use our time more efficiently all the while improving in our communication skills?  Practice.

I owe a University Professor a big Thank You for not giving me a good mark on an initial paper I submitted as an undergrad. Seventeen pages begun one evening and completed the following morning, and handed in with nary a backward glance.  Also without a strong focus, or a proper set of supporting arguments.  Imagine my chagrin at the mediocre mark.  Points for style, yes, but the lack of an academic structure meant the paper merely displayed my vocabulary.  Lesson learned and not repeated. 

Today, when I tutor I ask students to share with me their already scored papers and we together review where the writing could be improved.  For non academic work, business writing, and other professional pieces, I listen to what you as writer want expressed, and again, together, we compose the piece.

….I called my company Together Academics – because Your Input is the Key.


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