Passover, Easter, Studies and Chocolate

What is it about candy and chocolate that holidays seem to encourage their consumption?    

My grade four teacher used to return project work with a little Hershey’s bar tucked inside, adding sweetness to the marking process.  And listening to students get excited at the prospect of chocolate covered matzoh, or chocolate Easter Eggs brought back the memory of those tiny Hershey bars, scotch taped to the top of a paper.   The atmosphere when waiting to get papers back was electric; project work completed nearly always resulted in a free 1/2 hour with students munching while this teacher read aloud from her favourite story collection.  Best of all, she was a swift marker, no lengthy weeks of waiting to receive results. And all the students were given a treat, valuing effort made.  The holiday feel in that classroom was regular (but not daily), a mini ritual, a reminder of each unit of learning completed. 

Chocolate covered matzoh and Easter bunnies tell me that not only has another winter been managed but that celebrating the return to “order” and appreciating the beauty of annual renewal can involve indulging a little bit- Enjoy!

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