Thoughts on a Page- Random

Rhythm- rhyme

Taken together-

A chorus Line

The moment you begin

You will be moving yourself forward

The moment you take to care

You will be improving

for all around You

The moment you stop to share

and  breathe and pause and renew

You will be giving and…

– giving is needed by all

to Begin.

– Let’s start again- Here is to September 2011

A New School Year Approaches- Are you Ready?

Keep watching as I will be posting websites, reading lists and a few templates.

As always, only best regards from ALI, your English Tutor

One response to “Thoughts on a Page- Random

  1. I love September and the challenges a new year brings. Join me as we learn together –
    Did you know? – nothing takes place in a vacuum- learning by doing is the key to achieving your ideals and Practice – the means to improve.
    Ali – approach learning intelligently-
    achieve learning ideals
    Apply Learning = Make it Matter
    (-dedicated to my science students who are beginning to enjoy English!) with thanks to all for making this past year- 2010-2011 such a postive experience. Alison