Brand New Week-

I nearly wrote Brand New Earth, with this past week featuring so many activities around the theme of “Earth Day”  the focus on cleaning up, recycling and encouraging caring for the planet became contagious; all around I could see effort being made to get outside and engage with nature. 

I am always impressed by how quickly younger children will not only participate in the Earth Day programs at their school, but also how the students become advocates for greener living once they understand the purpose behind the suggested changes. 

-sending a global “thank you” to fellow educators for sharing great resources and posting a few links below:   for parents considering private school come September   interview with Sam Eshaghoff:Sam Eshaghoff is a teenage con. He took the SAT for other students, who paid big money for high scores. Now that he’s been caught, Sam has some test-taking advice, but consider the source.

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