ALL About Numbers- and “spirit”

The Olympics in Sochi- cheers, tears, enormous effort, and such grace under pressure.  Canada earning points not only for the actual winners in the various competitions but also for demonstrating why Canada continues to be seen as a “friendly” nation.  I have posted elsewhere why I love the Olympics, here the energy is all about how these Olympics, this year, are a very real reminder of how much time, energy and determined hard work goes into the concept of preparing.  


Working with students on a consistent basis enables one to celebrate together when accomplishments are achieved.  And to acknowledge disappointment when a set goal falls short; the silver medal – not quite the gold.  And yet, so good – this is the point really – that sometimes no matter how prepared, events take on a life of their own.  


Process, the journey, participation, all buzzwords that if read or spoken too often begin to lose meaning.  But when SEEN, experienced in a visceral manner, the words once again become real.  The sheer beauty of athletes who continue to dazzle even when aware the medal is no longer in reach, offers a clear reminder to all that it IS about the action itself, and we at home who gasp and cheer, may take to heart the OLYMPIC motto:
“Citius – Altius – Fortius”; these words mean Faster – Higher – Stronger.  


Each Olympics the bar is reset.   Each event creating anew the “standard”.  


And I, watching in true spectator fashion, feeling grateful to those ancient Greeks who decided that competition for the sake of competition (rather than for war/politics/religion etc) might be a good thing, love being able to believe in what, for lack of a better term, can be labelled ‘the human spirit’.


It is wonderful to believe, isn’t it?

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