Laughter, Love, and Listening

Their laughter got louder and grew infectious, and I found myself breathing differently- the calm breaths that make one want to give thanks to all the powers that be- one’s children are not only interacting happily, but also bringing true meaning to the concept of Mother’s Day. Only it wasn’t the official second Sunday in May- “only” a midweek evening, yet I found myself thanking them both for the “Mother’s Day” gift. 

Much as I appreciate the purpose of an official day in which to celebrate, it seems so much more meaningful when hugs, smiles, real conversations take place at unspecified times. Be it at home, with my two children, now just turned 23 and almost 20, or during one of our walks, I think often of how, in education, we have coined the term “teaching moment” and how in everyday life perhaps we could start referring to “loving moments”.  There is something extraordinarily powerful about the genuine. 

If being a mother teaches one anything (and regardless of age, background, or education) it is that love overflows at times.  And to the people who genuinely express thoughtful behavior towards our children it extends; warmth is circular in its reaction, spreading outward like the proverbial trickle in a pond that ultimately makes waves. 

Isn’t this the real ideal? To be privy to the laughter, to the love, and to the genuine reactions that make one believe in the “miracles” which hard work and 24 hour caring ( from conception- you know what I mean) can produce.  To loving Moms everywhere- Congratulations!

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