Art and opportunity

“Be afraid, Be very afraid”  – old commercial* -versus today’s commercials, ” Dare you to….._________”   with the suggestion that signing up here or there will give one the quick fix tools necessary to ____________ , decided to leave that space blank as well.

Roller coaster rides do provide a quick thrill, and one knows when waiting in line exactly what to expect: the steady ride to the top, the breathtaking drop, the stomach lurching ride to the top again- repeat as many times as one can handle 🙂 – Follow up with ice cream or some other sticky treat. Summer fun- can be; what one expects from education- no.

How heartening then to read a story that wasn’t a quick fix, but that showed how through a combination of positives: (so much in this story)-
student reads,
art education, provides access to- Charter schools
highest ACT scores- = math and sciences too
so that
YALE – becomes a good four letter word

read the full story here if you haven’t already heard about the young person in New Orleans:

A student’s outlook can be not only changed but dramatically opened up- opportunity leads to possibilities- but without opportunity…

“Flip a coin and sign up here”- has a bit of the Fun Fair ring to it- Learn to Learn, develop a voice, practice and improve – Yale offers promise, possibilities, options, but it also demands hard work, concentrated effort and strength of character.  Kudos to the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts- as they provided the opportunity for Leonard Galmon to see his work on display.


* advertized psychological thrillers on TV – cause screaming for a minute or two can be fun – summer roller coaster rides, anyone?


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