How did you pick a cause? Research and a specific set of criteria

How did you pick a cause? Research and a specific set of criteria
A bit of background

My son started running evenings when at first year university in British Columbia. He said he enjoyed the quiet of the campus at the midnight hour and the knowledge that cars would be at minimum; his run would be relatively unimpeded, and his run would be a great way to unwind after a busy day of on-campus activities and studying. Returning to Toronto, he continued the late runs, enjoying the peaceful post midnight Toronto calm.

Recently I started to look for a cause that we as a family could get excited about; he is now planning to run for the upcoming-
September 20, 2014

We chose this cause based on the following:

1) It had to be for an organization that redistributes funding on a broad level, to a variety of people
2) It had to be for an organization that was transparent in its goals; that allowed us to recognize not only where the funding was meant to go, but also why the funding is needed.
3) It had to be for an organization that was somehow in keeping with personal family values of education, healthy living, and positive, practical goal setting.

EUREKA! The internet offered a wealth of information, and one organization in particular which stood out:

Children’s mental health issues is a topic broad in its scope and encompassing a very real need- awareness- as too many children annually become ill without receiving help before it is too late. Mental illness in general is still a “hidden” issue- when it affects children and teens in a myriad of ways, the results may be devastating-  as an educator who has worked and continues to work with children who run the gamut from the regular to the special needs and including highly sensitive and highly gifted, I know that more and more programs are needed to reach out and open up awareness of issues that affect this age group- they are our future- when given the opportunity to have a future. A grim statement yes, but all too often, the children suffering do not get the chance to grow into themselves, and share with the world all that they are capable of being.

     Please join us in bringing awareness to the cause of children’s mental health

The run is scheduled for September 20, 2014
All donations collected will go directly to the cause

Over the next two months I will be sharing some of the additional ways in which we are volunteering for this cause. Your participation through any means is gratefully encouraged.

I will be volunteering there too!
Thank you

Alison (Ali)




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