zombie walks, vampires and voting

Vampires can’t, we can- please do VOTE!

There- that’s my lecture of the moment!

And here are some great links- and one can’t go wrong with adding a little Edgar Allen Poe to the mix.

http://www.poemuseum.org/  The Poe Museum website in Richmond, Virginia has posted some of Poe’s best known tales- great for in class or at home reading and to set the stage for any haunted venture.

Pinterest offers numerous images to get one thinking about scary and fashionable, plus pages dedicated to carving and carved pumpkins; it even has a Pet Halloween page!

Before the cast of True Blood, who knew how to make every Sunday a spectacularly campy vampire and other “not of this world” T.V.  hour – earlier campy shows include The Munsters and the Addams Family; imagine Morticia reciting Poe’s Tell- Tale Heart – even without costumes and decorations- a spooky story ideal for young adolescents –

Halloween may not be for everyone, and certainly many wonder at the morbid front lawn decorations and the emphasis on “trick or treat”, but ghost tales remain a great way to engage students and Spooky science ‘tricks’ are perfect for this time of year.

Here are some links:


http://leftbraincraftbrain.com/2014/09/19/25-spooky-science-activities-halloween/     this site has solid explanations for how to craft-

http://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=halloween  there were simply too many to pick a favoritethough I do think this cookie monster deserves special mention: courtesy of princesspinkygirl.com


YUMM -Good!

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