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2015 and moving forward!

This is going to be an exciting year 🙂

Like many, planning takes up a great deal of my time- and this year, it is so exciting to think about being able to put into action goals begun a number of years ago.  University students learn quickly the meaning of deferred gratification, those of us who continue into second and third degrees, adopt that knowledge almost as a mantra.   And when Life has a tendency to make one feel a little like “George Bailey” – that wonderful character in the holiday classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life – or alternately Sisyphus – pushing that rock on a constant uphill…deferred gratification is slowly changed to either mind numbing acceptance or – a push to move forward and break down a few walls.

While not yet ready to acknowledge any personal new set of muscles, I am expecting to “leap a tall building” super woman style – and to create anew a space where many will feel comfortable to gather and share, to exchange ideas and to learn together.  Here is wishing everyone a productive, fulfilling, healthy and laughter and love filled 2015- asking for a lot? You bet! Happy 2015!

12 steps for essay writing

Was preparing this set of 12 steps with a student and realized they will benefit all:
Step 1) brainstorm or thinking about all the different ideas
Step 2) putting these ideas onto paper (or the internet)- in any order
              some students make lists
              some students draw “mind maps”
              some students like to draw and fill in the “clouds”
                   some students even doodle or draw the things they are thinking about!
Step 3)  using point form- and a mixture of sentences – write down the main points that you remember without needing to look these points up- you may reference material later.
Step 4)  If you need to support your ideas with facts from research- or from the novel, or from statistics…now is the time to add those facts beside the points you wrote for step 3
Step  5)  You are ready to number your points and to join ideas so that the reader will understand what ideas go together
Step 6)   the notes you make in class or on your own- refer back to them- have you left any important point out? could you add to the writing with any other description or fact?
Step 7)   write the rough copy
Step 8)   wait at least one day
step 9)   reread the rough copy? what could be improved? what do you think will make it better?
Step 10)   type up your first draft/ read this aloud – listen, does it seem to tell a story? Are the ideas clear?
Step 11)  check your punctuation and spelling
Step 12) now type up the good copy to hand in  🙂
Things to remember:
If a teacher asks a specific question- you must answer this question.
If a teacher leaves it up to you, as the student, to “create” a response- begin with asking yourself a question!