2015 and moving forward!

This is going to be an exciting year 🙂

Like many, planning takes up a great deal of my time- and this year, it is so exciting to think about being able to put into action goals begun a number of years ago.  University students learn quickly the meaning of deferred gratification, those of us who continue into second and third degrees, adopt that knowledge almost as a mantra.   And when Life has a tendency to make one feel a little like “George Bailey” – that wonderful character in the holiday classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life – or alternately Sisyphus – pushing that rock on a constant uphill…deferred gratification is slowly changed to either mind numbing acceptance or – a push to move forward and break down a few walls.

While not yet ready to acknowledge any personal new set of muscles, I am expecting to “leap a tall building” super woman style – and to create anew a space where many will feel comfortable to gather and share, to exchange ideas and to learn together.  Here is wishing everyone a productive, fulfilling, healthy and laughter and love filled 2015- asking for a lot? You bet! Happy 2015!

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