Holidays? PBL can begin

New sign for a class on Financial Literacy:

Never sign a contract you can’t read!

too often the students assigned to “basic programs” such as “life skills” or “family studies” may also be the students labelled “applied” and then instead of having skills enhanced are given such simple math as to make participating in class at best humdrum, at worst – simply skipped.

All students have an amazing ability to pursue in depth subjects they find relevant and “discover” for themselves how to actually “apply” the new knowledge.  When movies and stories abound on how not so long ago, the famous were not always “rich”; in fact many movie stars, musical artists, and entertainers were locked into contracts with studios, managers, and performance halls- contracts which allowed the artist to express talent, but which did not give the multi million dollar estates we in 2015 believe to be “automatic” as a result of fame.  Early sports stars too may have spent more time literally sleeping on the bus, than enjoying a fancy hotel room.

Have found many a student surprised to discover just how recent the big mega salaries actually are! Best with a project like this is to leave it open ended, encouraging students to gather material to present to their peers, demonstrating when and where and how financial literacy might have allowed the image of “starving artist” to be replaced with, if not “multi-millionaire” then at least respectability.  I have included sports stars because indeed Sports are entertainment-also the question of unionized sports players, whereby a team may show solidarity; are they able to find examples of this happening? The internet becomes a great resource as do the bibliography sections of a library.  When keeping a topic broad and encouraging the students to find the research first before settling on their topic, students are also acquiring basic Academic skills, understanding that they are beginning from curiousity- better than simply stating to the class, begin with a question, for as they begin with the application of curiousity, researching, they will uncover the questions for their theme.  And surprise their teachers not only with how much they have learnt, but also with how much they are able to share.

Disclaimer: personal pet peeve, when students are dismissed due to a system applied label, then further diminished by only being given unchallenging assignments.

Whichever winter holiday you are celebrating, wishing you and your loved ones a healthy, positive and laughter filled season; Enjoy.








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