The Acrostic Team

Simple holiday messages:

Even the youngest students enjoy creating acrostic poems

Here is a sample of a simple one made using a not so simple concept-

The idea of a team suggests people working together supporting a common goal; and in sports this might mean an actual set of players; note how we borrow from the sports analogy when referring to people in other fields.

goal: in sports may have two posts and a net, a finish line, or a time to beat

players:  again in sports, the Captain (now borrowing from the military) and the crew – think rowing together

and in an Academic system, with all our variety of schools, “team” is not limited to inter or intra mural games, and the Baseball, Football, Basketball players.

Team may refer to the teaching and support staff and principals, to the students as a full body, to classrooms operating relatively independently, and to the parent body at a campus, often working behind the scenes on PTA activities that are meant to fund raise and promote the school and its options.

Now to the students – what do they think the letters in the word “team” might stand for?

as promised, a sample:


T raining, Teaching, Trusting, Testing, and Transferring

E xcellent, Equitable, Exemplify, and Explain

A lways, Actually, Atmosphere, and Attitude!

M astery, Magic, Magnitude, Merciful, and Magnificent

                  AH: now that’s my Dream team!

                          Learning TOgether








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