Summer 2017 &Brain Enhancers!

A little different exercise for practicing “read alouds” – all levels, all ages- Begin with a basic sentence, (example ) “Today is a clear, warm, sunny day.”  Now place the word “only” in front of each word separately to make new sentences and speak the new sentence out loud:  1) “Only- today is a clear, warm, sunny day.”  2) “Today only is a clear, warm, sunny day.” 3) “Today is only a clear, warm, sunny day.”  4) “Today is a clear, only warm, sunny day.”  5) “Today is a clear, warm, only sunny, day.” 6) Today is a clear, warm, sunny, day…only…”  Now imagine the speakers – and have students or kids on a car ride or at the beach- come up with their own samples… #English #ESL #EnglishRead&Write  #SummerLearning2017

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