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Communicative Skills Based Lessons

Lots of discussions regarding accents or pronunciation or if person is not “English first language” will the lessons differ- First of all- OF COURSE! every experience each of us has makes its way into the lessons…Second of all- yesterday had the following encounter:
Waiting in a line patiently my number stated #43 or forty-three and a woman approached me questioning #40? repeatedly- “forty” – now as these are two different numbers and the woman was heavily accented I questioned with a “pardon me” to hear once again #40!!! Fine then and continued to wait when suddenly- “where is number #43” was heard (by another speaker), and of course – I stepped forward to receive service in a pleasant manner- but the woman who either had misread, or misheard the numbers she was expected to look for, created confusion! In such a way I have heard EFL and ESL teachers also add to confusing classroom situations- and though in this instance the heavy accent may have covered the woman’s mistake, (she wasn’t staff, but was apparently in a hurry and trying to disrupt the process) it wasn’t accent but actual error that caused the trouble!
So now… back to that question of teachers and classroom practices. Training in ESL or EFL is often heavily grammar based and test focused- and minus the most basic of elements for clear communications- listening and speaking skills! An accent isn’t the issue- clarity of vocabulary, and ability to question before either repetition or drilling is, however, essential; many countries’ original processing of classroom techniques ignore the basic practice of questioning.