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real philosophy: takes time to note change

Was recently asked: what is your philosophy on/of Education?  To which I replied:  to bring out the best in others, to encourage others to learn and grow…

And then I sat down to give it some real thought.  We humans learn through trying, putting into practice what earlier generations have shared, absorbing the experiences of others, and yes- attempting to improve upon these experiences.  Slowly each of us evolves, changing into the expected adult behavior or questioning these expectations- but change we do- so as an educator I am always on the lookout for changes- putting into practice a simple beliefthat change is both doable and necessary for all of us.  And it is precisely because I expect change, that I am able to encourage students to move towards goals.  Without spouting pat phrases ( had fun collecting a few and pinning them on various boards- see http://www.pinterest.com/alibayer/ ) the bottom line is: achieving goals spurs success.  It isn’t that failure is good for us, but that resilience is good- and one way to build resilience is to celebrate the daily activities which lead to success.  My recent blog suggested testing in academics has a purpose, which it does- allowing a learner to discover what areas might require extra time, extra practice, extra energy towards deepening skills. Too often though we forget that little changes grow into bigger developments and haven’t shown students that there are multiple ways of achieving goals- rarely is everyone’s path smooth and easy. When tests loom as fearful dates, versus being formal opportunities, fear sets in.  At the same time, it seems that teachers too at times have forgotten that their goals for students need not be linear; teachers who celebrate the small daily changes can look back at a semester of accomplishments-beyond the major exam and the school statistics.  Perhaps if we allow more forums for these mini celebrations, and encourage administrators and teachers, while recognizing all the arguments and offering the sense of “play”, major tests can be put into context- one piece of the big picture; a picture that is meant to help learners learn, and grow.