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Genuinely curious- why do we use “authentic”- R 2 many people not?

I know I may get into “trouble” for this blog post but I am writing it anyhow.  Simple question, doesn’t hearing about how ‘authentic’ everyone is “supposed to be” seem a little unauthentic?  Having grown up in an era when Draft dodgers were arriving to the Canadian Midwest in droves, when as students we were encouraged to “rail against complacency”, a product of a time period which has been formally recognized by writers such as Ivan Illich as a period of DE-schooling of society, (when) being oneself seemed the only person one would possibly want to be, and when individual thought and action was still believed to be a way of “life”, the concept of “authentic” never arose.  Sure we had fads, and giant parties ( open houses – word of mouth was big then too ) but I don’t remember anyone who was concerned about not being “unique”.  Rather it seems the emphasis was on how to contribute while growing and learning; was it really more simple then? Before the introduction of “plastic” people we had “phonies”,  and again, I do not remember actually hearing anyone labelled as such.  We, or perhaps I, were fairly accommodating- making room for one more in a car (piled in – pre-seatbelts), at a party, ( guns? when the prevailing music sang “stop the war” ), and dare I state it, small businesses were visible at street corners.  Perhaps it is a form of nostalgia then, this buzz cry for authenticity, a desire to return to a time when people did connect face to face, and when a handshake and a smile was often followed by an introduction.

Have people’s behaviours changed? or just the circumstances?


The verb rail means to criticize severely. When you rail against ( — )  at a town meeting, you speak openly and loudly about how wrong the (—)   is …

Yes, we even used terms like this! 🙂