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sign on a bag of potatoes: “Fat, Gluten and Cholestrol Free”

and I had to laugh at what else I might find on food products that were in effect “signs of the times” and a reflection of marketing and what might appeal to shoppers as I considered a hands- on, end- of- school- year, project based learning inquiry.

Disclaimer: I eat potatoes in all their varieties, sweet, boiled, mashed, french fried, and often think about how basic some products were to regional cooking and to history- the potato famine being an actual World History event…Ireland’s Great Famine of 1845 -1849.  An educator could combine historical events, global trade today, and fashion in food marketing and then work these themes into both an out of classroom experience via a trip to a few different markets -formal grocery chains, farmer’s markets, and if in the school budget a trip to a farm.  The exercise could also incorporate a review of media and advertising looking at one or two specific products to recognize how fashionable (read “healthy”) the products were viewed.  In addition, Financial Literacy may be incorporated, when the pricing of the object is related to the marketing, the availabilty, and the perceived popularity of the product. 

In Canada, more and more people are recognizing how difficult it is for Northern populations to obtain some basic food products that people in larger cities may take for granted.  Also taken for granted sometimes is the notion that being a first world country, few would be going hungry.  Depending on the age of the students, and many high school students do need volunteer hours, recognizing both the real need for Food Banks in urban cities and valuing school community gardens and school food programs could be offshoots of  this project.  While some schools have begun community gardens they are not yet a part of all school programs and perhaps inter school visits – even via Skype – could become part of the programming… But I’m getting ahead of myself here and realize in fact this could be also a WELCOME BACK project in the fall- begun in the spring as a whole school holistic approach to learning and continued in the fall with the followup being the actual food products grown.  The question of tending the garden over the summer months could earn a lot of students extra volunteer hours 🙂

Commencement: It is a lovely word with the suggestion of more to come.