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Variations on a theme: feel free to jump in :)


And how I would change it, to read –

I will let them be young
Fill their hearts with laughter
Help them grow wings
Nurture their sense of wonder
Inspire them to believe
And love them like
Everything they dream about they may make possible-

If not today, then- tomorrow!


I like my version better!

And dislike the concept of “belittling” anyone so separated those two words, in case a ‘quick read may have suggested other wise 🙂

Either way – children are a blessing –

HMMM- may make it into a poster for a classroom wall…

 My motto: “Change is Good” (and a better slogan than Greed)


What we forget when we have learned to read:

Or why it can be difficult to be told to “just sound it out” : https://mytutoringspace.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/cbc4f-7mainpostersgifcopy.gif


Early readers begin with daily practice, preschool through grade 2 but which one of us, as adults, would easily make sense of this chart? Reading will continue to require a combination of oral help- teacher demonstrating, writing practice, and the blend of phonics with whole language.  It isn’t an either / or, it must be an interactive, comprehensive, approach to the “magic” which can happen when squiggles become words, words become ideas, and imagination inspires the reader.