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A very public: Thank You

Dear Parents and Families with whom I have worked:

Thank You for the opportunity to share knowledge, and to learn, together, with you and or your children. I feel so lucky to have been blessed with the chance to get to know so many different individuals, each of whom brought their personalities, stories, struggles and yes, accomplishments to my table and with whom it has been a pleasure to engage in thoughtful communication about the nature of educational programming in general and about your goals in particular. It has been wonderful to watch students grow and achieve.

So many of you crossed town, even in inclement weather, to bring your child to a session, and then when at my place, helped in a myriad of ways, from shoveling a path to the front door to sitting in on a session and recognizing the benefits of inquiry based education. The best Thank You has always been when a student shared his or her Eureka moment and declared they now could recognize what was required from the standpoint of an Academic level- not just scores or marks, but also the ability to question and offer an opinion, to look for support through research, to move beyond the basics and into personal self knowledge.

I feel truly blessed. Summer 2014 is here; I hope all feel it has been a good Academic year. Thank you.