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Peeved.  A polite way of expressing annoyance. Working with children and adults I am privy to a lot of stories, and am stunned to realize that in spite of Toronto, Canada, being multi-ethnic and a hub for business professionals from … Continue reading

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Being Together

Amazing how much reading I have been able to accomplish while taking a hiatus from blogging and posting.  I named my company “Together Academics” to suggest the ways collaborative work, be it from the research perspective or from the working together, tutor and student, parent and child, tutor and family, peer to peer, does incorporate the learning across the disciplines and professions that could extend not only one’s reach, but also one’s commitment to value and growth.  As a reader, I inhale material, digesting it the way a gourmand appreciates a truly well prepared, and thoughtfully executed dinner- though perhaps less critically than one might expect.  Critical analysis I save for the shared learning time, an example of an academic function or skill which students are expected to acquire as they move through any Academic system.  

This first message in a number of months then is one of Gratitude to all those bloggers who manage to generate thoughtful messages on a near daily basis; amazing 🙂 .

Expect to see many new links to sites it is a pleasure to share. And, Please help me to become more interactive by offering your comments, not only regarding upcoming posts but also on the many posts that are here on file.  I have been so blessed to receive positive comments from “strangers” who gradually become colleagues as we, together, attempt to bridge the gaps in education that students themselves share.  Working one-to-one provides a special opportunity to ensure that each session is “enriched”, that all students, regardless of age or background, gain the remedial support and rise to the challenge of a learning activity.  

As always, best regards, 

Ali (Alison)