Stop the Mom wars

when mom bullies reign-

it happened; the dreaded phone call from a mother on a child’s class list letting me know that: some parents had decided to:

boycott a child’s birthday party

boycott a camp or after school program

boycott the in school activity

boycott the weekend planned event

and these calls always appeared out of the “blue” that is randomly, surprisingly direct and, waiting to exhale I would silently count through the “explanation” before informing that parent that we wouldn’t be boycotting anything at this time…

Hey- your children and mine- all deserve to find in the school year a learning experience that encourages each one to try something a little challenging, to reach out and make a new friend, to discover the similarites and the excitement of recognizing each other for their differences, to respect the uniqueness of the individual, and to hold important the experiences of the group- 12 years plus is a long time to be in classrooms- making the experiences positive takes more than staff and teachers- it takes “community”- real effort on the part of everyone with a connection to the school.

But if you truly hear of a teacher who is cruel or a staff member turning a blind eye to bullying- parents unite- for our children deserve to be safe in whichever programs they attend! However no whispers – open and inclusive dialogue to bring about clear and positive changes.

With the proliferation of “magnet programs” at schools the liklihood of children being from the same district has changed- don’t be a foolish snob- allow your child to engage with classmates and if you are the parent with the vehicle plan play dates that are inclusive.  Do we want to change the world- no- we need to change the world by working together to demonstrate via action and deed that community involves one another.

September 11, 2016- help keep whichever neighbourhood you live in- open!



One response to “Stop the Mom wars

  1. Simple perspective to remember: if it is not your story don’t make it public! and children need to hear the wonderful stuff about themselves – not exagerrated but the opposite – simplified- “that looked like a challenge” … “how did you feel about preparing for it?” and letting them find in themselves the positive to remind themselves of their own capabilities! Essential -basic and “true.”
    Educator for Kindergarten through Post Secondary; and all English levels in between! 🙂